Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bend Chicks Rock

I made this one this evening to give props to the Bend, Oregon ladies. I used a 70's design of a woman rocking out. Click here to order.

Bend, Oregon Coffee

Some people say that the two things the Pacific Northwest does right is its Coffee Roasting and Beer Brewing. I rode my bike to work this morning, craving a coffee, but I rode on by the shops because I was a little late and didn't want to do the one-arm bike thing. With coffee on my mind I brewed up this tee.

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Monday, February 27, 2006

Pilot Butte Summit Society

Have you tackled the rugged heights of Pilot Butte in Bend, Oregon? Have you and your team of explorers made it to the top? Advertise your accomplishment to the mortals with this tee.

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Bend, Oregon Roundabouts

It started with one, now it seems as if there are thousands of roundabouts on Bend's streets. Some people love em', other folks hate em'. I personally like them in some spots but can't stand them in others.

I designed this image for those who love the non-alcoholic-induced-dizzy-driving-feeling all experience on Bend, Oregon roadways.

To purchase, click here.

Poverty with a view in Bend, Oregon

Perhaps one of the most common sayings in Bend, Oregon is "Poverty with a View." Why? Bend, Oregon employers are notorious for underpaying quality workers, renter's rate are skyhigh and the cost of living is outrageous. But, there is a hell of a view of the mountains. I made this design to graphically showcase this saying.

Caution...Drake Park Duck

Any one who has been to Bend, Oregon knows that Drake Park is a duck, duck, duck...goose oasis.