Saturday, March 04, 2006

Bend Limping

I sold my first design! I'm so happy. I told my wife this morning that it's more payment to me to hopefully see someone walking down the street sporting my design than the one-dollar I add on to the base price of the design. You see, I was the kid who always hung my artwork on my mom's fridge. A warm thank you goes out the the person who bought the tee. I hope you or whoever you give the tee to gets some good laughs.

I like the Bend parody trend I'm going down right now. I decided to make one about Bend Living Magazine,sticking to the Outlaw way, not focusing on just one Bend organization.

The person in crutches is me, crippled, lame and destroyed from the publication.

That's okay, broken bones heal and so do reputations.


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