Friday, March 17, 2006

I love Roundabouts

Never thought there'd be the day I said, "you know this intersection needs to be a roundabout." Sure enough, I caught myself saying that very thing a couple days ago in the old mill district off of Wilson where cars were waiting in line to turn.

Before I loathed them, now I find them quite amusing. It's fun to watch the Bend, Oregon tourist try to figure out where the hell they are on the westside. It's fun to watch their angry, desperate and confused faces while the passengers are pointing to the exit or pointing to the oncoming car.

I don't know why but California drivers stop while going through them if they pass up their exit. I haven't seen any other state license do it, just the Califonians. In fact, I once saw a Californian licence plated driver put it in reverse, baking up to the missed exit.

What at first seemed like a city-planning joke turned into a mass production assembly line of road circles. Last summer when they were making the roundabout on Newport ave and 9th, a pedestrian asked me, "why are they making one right here?" I replied, "how else will the chosen ones find us and land their spaceships?"


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