Saturday, March 25, 2006

I'm Banned in Bend

It's a sad day. I had plans on selling some of my designs this summer for fun at the Bend Summer Festival, Bend Fall Festival and Munch & Music. I decided to ask if I could participate in the jury selection and this is what C3 events wrote:

Thanks for your inquiry. While we can appreciate the humor in your artwork, the purpose of the festivals is to promote Bend in a positive manner and introduce artists artwork to the community. My guess is the jurying committee would not select your work for admission, even though we all can find the humor in it.I appreciate your checking with us first. Good luck in your promotion of your products.

Man, whatta bummer. I do understand this event promoter's position. By allowing me to participate would put the group's sponsorship money at risk. still doesn't feel good. Banned....Censored...Prohibited to express.

Any ideas on where I can sell my shirts aside online?


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