Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Mt. Bachelor Employees need a Break tee

I work at the Mt. Bachelor part-time on the weekends. I work indoors and when ever it's slow my boss always lets me go on ski break. It's a win-win thing if you are not there for the money.

It has been recently reported on KTVZ, the local TV station, that some folks are going without breaks for up to 8 hours. The guy who they interviewed sounded like he worked outside and he was there for the money.

I feel for this dude. The temperatures can easily go way below zero with blizzard like conditions up top almost 80% of the time during the dead of winter. Everyone deserves a break from those type of conditions. Even when I'm out there playing, I need to go inside to warm up.

I made a sweater for you, fellow Mt. Bachelor employee! This will keep you warm and remind the bosses that you need a break!

Click here to Purchase.


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