Monday, March 13, 2006

Pilot Butte Summit Society

I have to admit. I was a little worried about blogging about these tees that I've been creating for people to buy without going through the experience for myself. So, I decided to buy one and see how the process goes for that "someone" who buys one of my designs.

This afternoon, during lunch, this tee was stuffed in my mailbox. About 5 days ago, I bought the value tee for about 10 bucks. Brutally honest, I wasn't happy about the 4 bucks tagged on for postage, but I like the Hanes tee that was folded and packed in a plastic mailing bag.

I like this design because everyone knows that Pilot Butte is the natural landmark of Bend, Oregon, of which thousands of people walk up each year. I use to climb the beast when I was a child growing up here, then in high school I ran up it in Mountain View's Cross Country team. That's why I like the tee, it's a part of me.

Please, if you haven't walked up the Butte. Do not buy this tee.


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