Thursday, March 09, 2006

SnarkyBend Request

A while back, someone from SnarkyBend asked me to make a shirt saying, "I'm SnarkyBend." I've heard all about this group of bend blogging militants who target hot button issues and (after reading the blog)poke fun at the folks at KTVZ.

This is kind of a touchy issue for me, you see, I use to work for KTVZ and still I have some friends a the television station. The newscasters hate...I mean hate the SnarkyBend bloggers. But should that mean that I don't give a potential patron a design?

So I made this button for both the newscasters and the snarkys, hopefully creating a product that both sides will embrace.

Snarkies...Here is a secret button that reveals your allegence to the tribe.'s the target for you to shoot at.

Hope you, Snarky and Newscaster, both like it.


Blogger snarkybend said...

Dude, sweet

March 10, 2006  

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