Sunday, March 26, 2006

Staying Spicy

I spent a good portion last year writing articles for local and regional magazines, promoting Bend, Oregon. I had a wonderful time exploring what the city has to offer. I enjoyed meeting the artist, the visionaries the undiscovered gems who make the town shine.

I remember interviewing a chef about his restaurant about this time last year. He talked about the direction of the culinary arts in Bend. "If you serve spicy food, like Cajun, stick to your guns, stay Cajun" he said as I sat in his office scribbling every word in my note pad. "Who cares if a larger portion of your clients want it a little milder." He stood up pointing to me, "STAY SPICY."

I'm following this advice. My t-shirt designs will remain spicy.

Thanks to all who have posted and backed up my concerns as of late.


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