Monday, April 17, 2006

The Bend Barfy

I have absolutely no problem with the people who hang out all night in the Bend, Oregon Bar scene. In my younger years I was among them, exploring the realms of my alcohol tolerance. I just think that it's funny how territorial some people get when you, as a newcomer to a fine establishment can unexpectedly violate their ownership rights of their barstool.

Hey, I know that you've donated most, if not all of your unemployment check to the bar, but that doesn't mean you own the chair next to the Oregon Lottery sponge machine.

I made this for you buddy. Yeah, the guy who moved my jacket and pushed my beer away when I went to the hombres room. That's when you reclaimed your corner stool, where you resumed your nightly people watching activities while sitting in the shadows under the smoke and the Budweiser neon sign.


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