Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Central Oregon Murder Mystery

I ran across this book that's going to be released early next week. It really sparked my interest.

Karla Starr from Willamette Week Online Quotes:

"When the truck rolled over my body, my right upper arm broke and the flesh was shredded by tire treads; my right lung collapsed, my right collarbone fractured and overlapped; the right side of my rib cage was crushed and the lowest ribs cracked in half. The rain of blows from the hatchet left two-inch gashes all over my scalp, a broken nose, and a chip in the skull over my left eye. One of the bones in my left forearm was sliced through, the fleshy part of my left palm was slashed, and my little finger was broken."
-Strange Piece of Paradise, page 85.


According to the synopsis:

Author Terri Jentz was a Yale student biking cross-country during the summer of 1977 when she and her roommate were attacked by an axe-wielding cowboy while camping in Oregon. Jentz escaped with a gashed arm, while her friend was nearly blinded from head injuries. Fifteen years later, in 1992, Jentz returns to the scene of the attack to repair the psychic wound and attempt to close the case.

I'd love to read your comments about the book after you read it.


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