Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Don't Burn Your Bridges... Just Blow em' up!

If you heard; "it all started by adding a vicious circle that seemed to multiply into hundreds of circles all over me and now I'm cut off from the only direction I know," you'd probably think you were overhearing a poor and abused soul who was discussing their personal problems to a psychologist.

Well, maybe - but you'll most likely hear it from a confused and frustrated westside Bend commuter, wondering how they are going to survive without the Newport Bridge. I even heard that if you walk across the line you're subject to a ticket.

I made this tee for those cynical people who like the fact that Bend's streets are replicating the effect of high cholesterol on your body. Things just get plugged up and the pressure gets pretty high....my advice to those who experience road rage in the heat of the summer is stay away from that part of Bend.


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