Monday, April 17, 2006

I'm the Drake Park Goose Whisperer

Has any one seen National Geographic's Dog Whisperer. You know, that guy named Cesar who tames the wildest of canines simply by raising his hand and shushing...chhht...chhht.

I tried it on my dog and I'm sorry to say it has no effect on my dog aside making him think I'm going to wipe something on him.

It does, however, work on the Geese in Drake Park. Simply raise your hand to eye level and while pushing it out over the gooses' head go..."chhht...chhht," and watch the goose stare at you with amazement and curiosity. They will be at your full control. I'm training my small flock to dive poop-bomb the people who are forced to cross the foot bridge, now that Newport Bridge is out of commission.

Do you think National Geographic will give me a series?


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