Sunday, April 09, 2006

Stuck on Mt. Bachelor's Chair Lift

It really sucks when the Pine Martin, Sunrise or Rainbow chair stops. The first thing that goes through you mind (while being pounded with the currents of a winter blizzard) is, "alright, who's the newbie who doesn't know how to get off?" After about five minutes you've already learned everything you ever wanted to about the other person who's sitting next to you. After about ten minutes you're looking at the snow below, guessing the odds of making an injury-free jump. After about twenty-minutes, you're hands begin to tingle with frostbite and your smelly neighbor suggests avoiding hypothermia by cuddling. After thirty minutes the chair begins to finally move.

Then it stops because of some newbie who doesn't know how to get off.

Have you experienced anything like this? Here's a tee to express your joy. Thanks bRenda for the inspiration.


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April 10, 2006  

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