Thursday, April 06, 2006

What's a Parody?

I'm amazed how much attention has sparked from my issue of design "cock-blocking" in my little village called Bend, Oregon. I've got hits from the Associated Press, the Chicago Tribune and have been re-posted on an underground media site and blogged locally by popular and notorious local blogs.

Even though I've got a degree from the University of Oregon in Journalism, with a major in Electronic Media, I still need a refresher on what I can do and what I can not do. I'm a creative professional and it's not only smart to explore this's almost required.

Let's say that I wanted to make fun of Starbucks Coffee and I made a design that looked like this:

Could Starbucks take me to court on grounds of intellectual Property violation? Well, according to Stanford University, what I did was under the "fair use freedom" where the belief that the public is entitled to freely use portions of copyrighted materials forpurposes of commentary and criticism. I would not be in violation of intellectual Property because I'm creating a parody: A parody is a work that ridicules another, usually well-known work, by imitating it in a comic way. Judges understand that by its nature, parody demands some taking from the original work being parodied. Unlike other forms of fair use, a fairly extensive use of the original work is permitted in a parody in order to "conjure up" the original.

That's the basis of my T-Shirt Shop, commentary and criticisms of town that's under the false pretense that everything is perfect.

Did you know that in terms of Rape, burglary and Theft the crime rate of Bend, Oregon shadows the crime rate of Los Angeles? Well, it was in 2004 according to

So, critics...Do the METH. This town is in serious trouble. And the more we turn our heads away from real life issues and the more we shun away societal humor because we don't want anyone to see our cities' skeletons, the faster those real life issues and the skeletons bite us on the ass.


Blogger Bend Economy Man said...

Agree with you 100%. Bend is a beautiful place with some cool people, but it's not a perfect haven from crime, drugs, economic problems, etc. like some people try to sell it as.

Thing is, your social criticism isn't offensive. It's not vulgar. The thing that happened to you with the festival promoter is, pure and simple, political censorship. It doesn't make it any better when it's done by a concert promoter who serves at the pleasure of the Chamber of Commerce.

April 06, 2006  

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