Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Rockin' Weekend

photo taken by BrENda at Flaming Lips Concert

So far I've been to seven concerts at the Les Schwab Amphitheater in Bend, Oregon; Lyle Lovette, Willie Nelson, The Pixies, Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys, Beck and The Flaming Lips. If I were to rank the which concert rocked Bend the most, it'd be.

1. Beck - The puppet show was amazing, original and the crowd's energy was huge. I loved the multi-media presentation and the sound was amazing.

2. Willie Nelson - The crowd is what made this concert so fantastic. Willie has an amazing draw of different types of people. Hippies love him, Rockers love him, Indies love him, and Country folks love him. All Willie needed to do was be Wille.

3. The Pixies - This was a great concert. Had a lot of energy and the band sounded great. I saw them again at the Sasquatch festival and in my opinion the smaller venue in Bend was more enjoyable to experience. The crowd was not as hyped as Beck or Wille Nelson.

4. The Flaming Lips - This was personally the most fun concert I went to at LS amp. I went with my wife and friends and I was dressed in a gorilla suit, feeling as if I was a part of the concert, not merely paying for a ticket and consuming what was fed to me. Although I was hot, I got a lot of pats on the back and appreciation for what I was doing from folks the crowd. The Flaming Lips lived up to their showmanship reputation. Wacky and fun. They were incredibly humble before and during the performance, sitting on the stage during the opening acts, waving to me and signing autographs for another fan during their own gig. The crowd was smaller and a little milder. It was a Sunday and felt like a mini-burning man.

5. Lyle Lovette - I liked this concert because it was one of those "miracle ticket" times. I didn't by a ticket and was riding a bike around the grounds when someone walked up to me and gave me one. The crowd was great and my mood was celebratory for the ticket.

6. The Beach Boys - This was a fun concert. Smaller crowd. It was fun to enjoy the sounds of this band.

7. Bob Dylan - I had a good time at this concert. It wasn't what I was hoping it'd be though. Not old Bob's fault, his voice was a little raspier than usual. The crowd was into it but not as hyped as the Lyle's and definitely not as hyped as Wille's.


Blogger shannon said...

wEEn tickets go on sale in two hours

May 30, 2006  
Blogger Simone said...

Seriously - Slider.
You can just come out and say it. ;-)

The Bob Dylan concert sucked. On so many levels. Partially of course cause you had to endure it with *yours truly*. And partially, because the energy in the crowd was lame. But mostly because Bob's music was dull and uninspiring.

Compared to that, the Beach Boys *ruled*....

Worst concert I've ever seen: John Lee Hooker. He was on stage maybe 20 minutes, played two songs, then they had to wheel him outta there.

Best concert I've ever seen: Simply Red. I have no words, really. Except that I pray daily to the gods of music to bring their next concert tour to the US.

May 30, 2006  
Blogger The Carnivorous Hippy said...

I was there... saw you (along with a unicorn, a bunny and others : ) )
We had a great time, though wished FL would have played longer. It seemed short to me, but maybe I was just having so much fun... time flew!

May 30, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's the frigging 10 o'clock rule. You have to thank some special, girl scout feeling, Bend City commissioners for that one carniverous hippy.

May 30, 2006  
Blogger shannon said...

Not the county commissioners, the city councilman - they set the ordinance.

May 31, 2006  

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