Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Looking at INDIE from Back of Line

I discovered that there is a local indie label here in Bend named Piggyback Records. It's a brother and sister operation that took over a house on five acres, they converted it into a studio and offices "surrounded by sage, coyotes, and an awesome view of the Cascade Mountains," reads their web site.

Now the siblings are out discovering, producing, promoting and distributing music from Bend based bands. They currently have seven bands signed. One of which I feel a little bad for because they have to break up and reform with another drummer. It's a sad story. Blame Amy has done an excellent job getting their music out into the community's eyes and have developed good songs that they plan on touring with to promote their new album with Piggyback. One fella sold his house, they all beefed up their credit card holdings, secured leave of absences with their employers and acquired passports for a tour in Europe, but the drummer had to quit because he didn't want to leave his kid and fiance behind, leaving the other band members in a state of "what the fuck do we do now?"

I can see how this issue really hurts the hopes of a lot of up-and-coming bands. Looking at my own life and aspirations, it raises my own questions of what I'd do in that situation. Since I'm married and have a good job that I wouldn't want to put at risk, I'd take the family-first stance as well. I'd rather have the financial and reputation security of a well known one like Warner Bros that supported both my family and artistic pursuit, but...what are the odds of that???? The fact is I'm four-hundred walking miles away from even singing at a local watering hole, but over time this may become a senario that I'm forced to deal with. Looking at it positively, I still have odds, maybe three-million to one, and not a zero chance in hell's basement that I could smartly develop into something a big label would be interested in backing.


Blogger Wendy said...

K is constantly out seeing all the local bands. She's even learned lights and sound so she can help set up.

June 28, 2006  

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