Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Rock n' Roll Bud Nipping

I was cut this AM from a possible band set up. I'm actually quite fine with it. It was way too soon for me to give an audition (last Sunday) without ample practice and vocal development. I'm happy; however, that the folks nipped the bud quickly. To me, it's an experience that I want to enjoy exploring, not living up to standards that existed before me, in this case the 80's. This gives me room to grow and look for another band, maybe start my own from the ground level.

I've learned to appreciate rejection. I can't tell you how many times magazine and book editors turned down my spec. manuscripts. It sucked. I began posting the rejection letters on a wall and valued it as my "wall of shame."

I got a big break though and I poured all of my effort, writer development and spirit into that one big project, ultimately launching me into the world I desperately was trying to be a part of. Rather than being a writer who was trying to break into the industry, I was viewed as a "find" and an "undiscovered, talented writer."

In a way, that's exaclty how I want my singer/song-writer path to go.

Onto the next gig.


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