Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Artists helping Artists

So I earlier mentioned I had a modeling opportunity for a local stock photography company named obsidian Stock.

This photo was taken by a very talented photographer Lance, owner of the company. He arranged his friends to meet up at Volcano Vineyard member's bar in downtown Bend to develop both stock and portfolio material. The other photographer, Simone, who is also an owner of Obsidian Stock, was also taking photos.

I decided it was a golden opportunity for me to get some shots for future use in my press kit, web site and posters when I'm actively seeking gigs in local venues as a musician. I asked them if I could bring my new guitar and they agreed, saying that it would create a scene of live entertainment while the other folks drank wine.

Now if people want to buy a photo of a guy playing guitar at a wine bar, I'm their man.

The funny thing is I literally pulled this guitar out of the box before the shoot and was simply trying to remember some of the chords I memorized from my years of playing in the past. The guitar is a gift from my lovely wife and dad, probably the best gift I ever got for a birthday present.


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