Monday, July 17, 2006

Burnt Beer Belly Weekend

We had a great weekend! Went to Prineville Reservoir and met up with some good friends for a camping/boating weekend. Loved it! The short vacation reminded me of when I was a kid when every summer we'd go to through the Oregon Outback to get to the uncrowded side of the water. Now it's paved and a little more crowded, but we were the only ones on our particular part of the bank.

It's nice now that we got the camping bug that we now have an air mattress to sleep on. Sleeping on rocks and twigs doesn't hurt as much. Our dog, Charlie, is not the best camper, restless while we're inside the tent and he has learned how to unzip it while we're asleep.

He also got over his fear of swimming. I might be part to blame for that, chucking him into the river. I know...I know...I'm easing him back into it, don't go calling animal abuse on me.

Our friends were very gracious when we decided to stay another night on Saturday...Sharing their food with us.

Over all, fun times proven by a trophy-burnt beer belly.

I turned 34 today...


Blogger Wendy said...

We camped this weekend too, and finally decided to get air mattresses...way better than waking up with rocks embedded into my hips.

Happy Birthday!

July 17, 2006  
Blogger Jen said...

Happy birthday!

July 17, 2006  
Blogger Slider said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

July 20, 2006  

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