Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dean Ween at the Dirty D

We got a call last night from a couple, the same ones who scored us tonight's VIP/backstage wEEn tickets, that Dean Ween was chillin' with his entourage at the Dirty D&D, downtown Bend. Since we live close we decided to go. He was sitting at the center table and we sat at the bar.

We decided to wait a while and do the cool thing...buy the man a drink and leave him alone to enjoy his night in Bend. We got him a shot of Patron. When it was delivered we didn't turn around, we just kept on drinking our beer, which turned out to be a good deal cause it was $3 micro Monday.

When we got up to go home I turned around giving Dean the horns and he quickly returned the gesture, thanking us for the shot of one of the smoothest tequillas around.

He'll be cranking up his amp tonight at Les Schwab amphitheater while his band will shock the crap out of this very conservative area. I'm interested to see if they tone down their traditional performance of profanity.


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