Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fire...Fire on the Mountain

Cough...Cough...Sniff..(spitting)...Cough (rubbing eyes)

Wow. Smoky out there. The mountains are barely visible from the fires up in the forests.

Didn't end up backstage Ween on Tuesday, but we had a friggin' great time. They really did a good job rockin' and shockin' the Les Schwab Amp. Never thought I'd see the day. Had a great time hangin with Luka and her hubby. Hopefully it opens some new doors for other acts to come to town. Most of the artist say that they are surprised by the audiences they encounter in Bend.

Cough...Cough...Sniff...(spitting)...Cough (rubbing eyes)

I've got a long way to go before playin' live solo gigs but the first step was taken, I started writing my first song yesterday. I'm writing my tunes the same way I write a story. Starting out with a title then developing a story that rides along the theme of the title. My first song is titled, Ruthless Apprehension.


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