Monday, August 14, 2006

All Aboard!

We made some new friends a couple of weeks ago while attending a friends wedding in Eugene. I was happy to receive a call from them, telling us that they were planning to go rock climbing at Smith Rock and wanted to meet up with us at Terrebonne Depot. We met up with them and their climbing buddies Saturday evening.

The food and drinks there were very good. The inside of The Depot has a more urban atmosphere than you'd imagine to be in Terrebonne. Although we didn't experience it, we were told that the trains rushes by quite often. The environment was very down to earth, it seemed like a comfortable place to come and stop in for lunch or dinner on the way to or from Bend. I can see why climbers love this place.

The building would be an outstanding venue to play and listen to music. It's very open and inviting. Speaking of: my week definitely starts of with a shimmer of hope that I might actually be jamming with a band. I'll be meeting with two singer/songwriters, hopefully during the same time, to discuss practice session and developing a band from the ground up! Coolest thing is, from the get-go, all three of us like the Shins and other indie geared bands.


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