Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Calloused Finger-Tips

I've been working on two original songs for the past few weeks for future solos, practicing singing and playing at the same time. Keeping rhythm without a drummer, remembering the lyrics & their timing, strumming the guitar correctly and finding my way around the fret board without looking is all proving to be quite a challenge. It's also amazing how much thought goes into creating a song featuring only one singer, playing an acoustic guitar. You are limited by how much you can do, working with two instruments, your voice and guitar. I've turned to Alexi Murdoch for inspiration. This Alternative/Indie/Folk artist from the UK has a wonderful grasp on the craft.

I can't wait until I get enough material to perform with.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw Mr. Murdoch at Sasquatch in ... '03, I think? Dude was positively brilliant. Just him and his guitar, with some band raging on the main stage down the hill. He was super-quiet, and a little hard to hear, but just captivating. I said that day we'd seen the next Nick Drake.

It's about time he got around to releasing a full-length. I bought his four-song EP back then, and that was all he had available for years...

August 29, 2006  
Blogger Slider said...

I could imagine how his music could get lost within the sounds on below the main stage.

I had just recently stumbled upon his music. He did a live bit on the online radio station I listen to and it was fantastic.

I'm also looking forward in getting his latest album.

Thanks for your post.

August 30, 2006  

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