Thursday, September 07, 2006

Goodbye Bend Bloggers

Good things don't come to an end, they just re begin.

Thank you to all who have read my blog over the past year. I've got great news! My dream of starting a band in Bend is becoming a reality. I've officially started a project last night with Chris, a very talented local musician/filmmaker.

Together we have about 7 original songs to start working on in his garage. We have decided to document our rock & roll journey from day one in an independently produced film to be released in early 2007.

We've named our band, KouseFly, an indie/folk/psychedelic band.

I have created a new blog:
There you can read about the progress of our documentary, watch some clips, learn about our music project and everything else in between.

We also have a band MySpace page:
There you can listen to our music and see our live schedule.

Thanks again everyone. I'm looking forward into reading your blogs and hope that you stop by and read about, watch and listen to KouseFly.



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